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Welcome to Love yourself.  It’s a good day to feel Good.  In the midle of Dublin the city center Massage & yoga relax in the hands of  professional massage therapist. And a Yoga instructor Teaching Traditional Hatha Yoga.  Book a session.

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img_0370Who I am ?

My name is Julia K. I’m a Massage Therapist and a Yoga Teacher. Like you see in the picture upward, I went to India, in Rishikesh to a Traditional yoga school and graduate Yoga teacher training course. I also learned Massage therapy there.
Open Monday To Friday 9am to 5.30pm
PRICE     30€ = 35min         45€= 1 hour
*Happy Hour*Monday- Friday 12am-2pm & Saturday 12am- 7pm  
PRICE  33€ = 1 hour
ALL SESSIONS  *Unique because you are*
PRICE 45€ = 1 hour / 55€ 1 hour 15
Relax and take care of yourself.
 It’s a good day to feel Good.
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Julia 08 388 39 29 4
Love Yourself is Located here:
Dominick Court Serviced Offices